OOTB #8 | Sustainable Planning in Logistics with Johanna Småros from RELEX Solutions


In this episode of "Out of the Box," Lynn and Pia discuss the critical role of software solutions in achieving sustainability within logistics with Johanna Småros, Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of RELEX Solutions. With a valuation exceeding $5 billion, RELEX Solutions is at the forefront of sustainable logistics, demonstrating how strategic planning processes can drastically reduce environmental impact. Johanna shares insights into how their platform optimizes supply chains, minimizes waste, and enhances efficiency from day one. This episode is a deep dive into how technology is reshaping sustainability in logistics, offering valuable lessons for businesses aiming to integrate greener practices. Tune in to understand the powerful intersection of technology and environmental stewardship in modern supply chains.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by the hosts are personal opinions and not representative of the position of their respective employers on the discussed topics.

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