WAKU Update #47 | Guests: Rohit Pital and Pramod Ghadge from Unbox Robotics


The requirements for modern logistics and production environments are subject to constant change. Today's customers expect more efficiency, flexibility and scalability in the sorting of their goods. To meet these needs, Unbox Robotics has developed innovative solutions. Their groundbreaking 3D mobile robot solution is revolutionizing sorting technology by bringing flexibility and efficiency to the sorting process.

In this episode, Victor talks to Rohit and Pramod from Unbox Robotics. Together, they shed light on the innovative advances in sorting technology through the lens of Unbox Robotics.

What you can take away from this episode about Unbox Robotics:

  • Insight into the team behind Unbox Robotics and their journey from concept to realization
  • 3D mobile robot solution revolutionizes sorting technology
  • International expansion and strategic partnerships
  • Quality standards and customer satisfaction
  • And much more

Ready to explore further? Tune in now for deeper insights!

About our guests:

Pramod Ghadge: Pramod is the Co-Founder and CEO of Unbox Robotics. With extensive experience spanning manufacturing, product design and development, and logistics automation, he has worked internationally. Prior to founding Unbox Robotics, Pramod was with Flipkart, India's e-commerce giant and now part of the Walmart Group, where he oversaw the implementation of robotics and automation in the company's warehouses and distribution centers. During his tenure, he and his team launched India's first robot-based parcel sorting solution in Bangalore, an achievement that inspired him to create an innovative, next-generation warehouse robotics concept at Unbox Robotics.

Rohit Pitale: He is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at Unbox Robotics. He started his career as a Mechanical Engineer working in the field of Vehicle Dynamics and Simulations at a leading Automotive player in India. After completing his MBA, he worked on warehouse automation projects at Flipkart (an E-commerce giant in India and now part of Walmart group). All these dots connected, when he decided to join the founders at Unbox Robotics, where they're now changing the way parcels are sorted, with their unique solution, the UnboxSort. As part of the leadership at Unbox, Rohit's journey has evolved from product development in the early days, to now leading business development initiatives as they plan to increase their presence across key global markets.

About Unbox Robotics

Unbox Robotics has developed a first of its kind vertical robotic sortation system designed to address the key sortation challenges faced by the E-commerce, 3PL and Retail supply chains. The system is capable of swiftly sorting a wide range of packages into multi-level racks designed for different handling units like chutes, bins, bags, trolleys and pallets, etc. Unbox Robotics is now in the early growth stage with successful deployments with large customers in US, Europe and India.

Connect with Victor, Rohit and Pramod on Linkedin: Victor: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victor-splittgerber/ Rohit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pramodghadge/ Pramod: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pramodghadge/

More information about WAKU Robotics, the expert for mobile robots in logistics and production, can be found at www.waku-robotics.com.

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